TekSource Computer & Cell Phone Repair


Computer Data Backups

In a small business, there are often various documents or files that have been there for years but are often not used but still important. It may take up space you don’t have and you are forced to make the crucial decision of either deleting the file or finding different means of saving the file. This can be an intimidating task, and can take a lot of time you may not have. We are experts in data backups and can present your cleansed data to you on time, every time.

You can rely on our data backup services to provide safe and secure forms of backing up your computer in case the unimaginable ever happens. We have several years of experience have expanded our backup services. We have the experience bringing your information back to life.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery not only requires top of the line technology, it requires the expertise and focus needed to examine difficult problems and figure out the best solution to the problem. Often during a recovery proprietary software will be used in tandem with advanced hardware techniques that require mechanical or electrical skill.

We know how valuable the data stored on a hard drive or other medium can be, that is why we have chosen to focus solely on the specialty of data recovery. When the unthinkable happens, and months or even years of work is gone, it is important to choose a company that knows each problem inside and out. Our technicians have been exposed to thousands of data recovery disasters.

Cracked Screen Repair

We specialize in fixing any cracked screen at the most affordable prices. We are the best at fixing phone screens than anyone in the industry and we use the best replacement parts for your broken phone or tablet. Our repair work is the high quality and we get it done quickly to get you back to good working order.

We have the latest in all technology, allowing to work with any cracked screen and having your phone working good as new. We pride ourselves on our work and are always looking for new ways to be quick and get the job done for you.

Cell Phone Repair

Our team of cell phone technicians work towards fixing any phone no matter how bad it may look. We leave your phone good as new and we make affordable to relieve the stress of having to buy a new phone. We work with you to make sure your phone is fixed and working to its full capability.

Our technicians take pride in working in a timely and efficient manner. We get your phone back to you as soon as we can to make sure you are phone-less for the least amount of time possible.

Computer Repair

If you have any sort of computer that needs to be fixed, our team of technicians are happy to help. We work with to make sure we can repair any problem your tablet may have in a timely manner. Our experienced and dedicated team works to make sure any computer brought in works to the best of its ability.

We provide warranties on all of our repairs, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your phone is covered and that you can rest assured knowing that our repair service is the best in all of New Jersey. Our services vary from computer repair all the way to water damage.